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Some tips for Buyers:


Step 1. To decide on a budget you can afford to spend and decide amount you will borrow to buy. We can refer a mortgage broker if you need one.


Step 2. To decide where you want to buy a property f.e area, borough.  


Step 3. To have a solicitor handy will help to move faster with the purchase. We can recommend a solicitor if you need one.


Step 4. Majority of buyers are looking for evening and weekend viewings. This is not always possible. It is advisable to take a day or two off to view several properties. If for any reason you cannot attend a viewing please inform an agent so seller can also be notified. 


Step 5. Once the property is chosen and price is agreed it is better to arrange a survey of the property as soon as possible. The lender will not issue an official mortgage offer without survey report. 


Step 6. The purchase process normally takes circa 8 weeks if there is no chain or difficulties. We will always keep you updated during the process. 

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